How it’s Made

Our range of housing is produced from GRP Composite.

All the structural elements, the floor, external walls, internal walls, ceilings and roof are produced from moulds using the same methodology.

Each primary element is a closed panel construct, seamlessly produced from moulds up to 12 metres in length, and fully structural. Each element is produced from its own mould creating its own internal finish and in production, each element is fully insulated with Rockwool for high levels of both thermal and acoustic insulation. All service provisions are installed within the fabric of each relevant element.

Each element has integral window and door reveals and rebates which are seamlessly moulded in to relevant wall elements. Roofs have integral soffits, fascias, gables and verges seamlessly moulded in.

External walls are completely fabricated with relevant external finish and roofs seamlessly constructed with chosen tiles prior to panel assembly.

All elements are bonded to their adjacent element and no mechanical fixings used. All the elements wall to floor, wall to wall, ceiling to walls and the roof to walls are bonded together to form a self supporting build structure, in effect a monocoque structure.

The foundations required are minimal just corner pillar required to support on each module, with dimensions specified subject to survey.

Provision of services to the property and final module installation completes the short time spent on site with 95% of the build being completed in the factory