Granny Annexe

Energy Efficient & Accessable Granny Annexes

Our energy efficient granny annexes are designed to be accessible, build to Passivhaus standards, have a 100+ year lifespan, and don’t require planning permission.

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No Planning Required

Planning permission is not required, our annexes are covered by the caravan act. A certificate of lawful development is sufficient and we can arrange this on your behalf.

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Design & Finish

Each annexe is designed to the customer’s specifications. You decide on a suitable size and layout, and choose from a wide range of interior and exterior finishes and features.

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Our granny annexes have no steps and options for a range of integrated accessibility features, including complete wheelchair access.

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Built to Last

Our unique construction system complies with the BS3632 standard and does not require Building Control. It will withstand severe storms and flooding, and is maintenance free.

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Energy Efficient

Our Passivehaus design and optional underfloor heating systems ensure a warm comfortable living space with very low energy bills.

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Unlike a built annexe, our park home annexes are VAT free. They can also be relocated and are transportable, and have an expected lifespan of 100+ years. Thus, they make a viable long-term investment that isn’t tied to your home.

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Granny Annexe Manufacture & Build

Planning & Lawful Development

Our granny annexes are designed and constructed using the same system we use for our park homes. This means that for planning purposes they are covered by the caravan act. Planning permission is not required, a certificate of lawful development is sufficient for their installation. We can arrange this on your behalf.

Factory Built

.Annexes are manufactured off site in our factory and delivered to the site by us. The manufacturing process includes the installation of any requested features, and final internal and external finishes. There is only minimal onsite work required to complete the build. Annexe design and manufacturing are usually complete within 3 months.

Annexe Installation

The annexe is installed on ground screw piles. This method provides a proven safe and secure foundation for your home. The ground screws are quick and easy to install, and there is no digging required or mess to worry about. Once the annexe is onsite, installation is usually compleate within 2-3 days.

Granny Annexe Design

Bespoke Design

Each annexe is designed individually according to our clients requirements and tastes. We can help you choose or design a layout that works in the space available, and choose from the many options available. Optionional features include electric underfloor heating or alternative heating system, kitchen and bathroom styles, mains fire alarms, sprinler systems, and more.

Exterior Finishes to Compliment Your Existing Home

We can finish an annexe in almost any imaginable way. Choose from our catalogue of exterior wall and roof options, or request a specific finish to match your house. See our finishes page for some examples or call us for a full range of options. Options include traditional bricks and mortar, render, and cladding, as well as options for pitched or sloping roofs and different tile or slate roofs.

Internal Finishes

We have a wide range of internal floor and wall finishes to choose from. You can also choose between a traditional flat ceiling or more contemporary or vaulted ceilings. The kitchen and bathroom layout and units are also your choice. If you don’t like any of the options from our catalogue please ask us, we can always come up with more options to suit your specific style.

A Warm & Comfortable Home

Low Fuel Bills with Passivhaus Standard of Insulation

Our granny annexes are built to the Passivhaus standard, the Gold Standard for energy efficient buildings. They can maintain an almost constant temperature, with only a minimal amount of heating or cooling needed.

Stay Snug and Warm with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the perfect compliment to the Passivhaus design of our annexes. It is low maintenance and very energy efficient. Heating the room evenly, rather than concentrating warmth around a radiator, will keep everyone warm and snug and allow complete freedom to arrange the room as you want it.

Noise Blocking Insulation

We use a high level of acoustic insulation in the construction of our granny annexes. You can look forward to enjoying yours in peace and quiet.

Accessible Homes Designed to be Lived In

No Steps, Installed at Ground Level

Our annexes are normally installed at ground level, there are no steps to enter the building. You’ll be able to walk in through a clear, easily accessible front door without dealing with any obstructions.

Integrated Accessibility Features

We can build in accessibility features at the time of constriction, to ensure a comfortable environment designed around a person’s specific needs.

Wheelchair Friendly

Our granny annexes can be built with wider doorways and corridors, wheelchair-friendly floor finishes, handrails, and fully accessible bathrooms.

Built to Last

Maintenance Free

Our granny annexe construction system and finishes are built using a tough GRP design. No perishable materials like timber are used in our buildings, there is nothing to degrade or fail. Finishes are completed at the time of manufacture, and will never require painting.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is always a concern with these sorts of buildings. To give you peace of mind we use a range of fireproof and fire-resistant materials in our construction system. This gives our buildings an unrivalled fire safety rating compared to park homes, static homes, and other garden rooms and buildings.

We use a triple-layered construction with a combination of MgSo4 fireproof board, and fireproof rockwool insulation. Both are non-combustible and Euroclass A1 fire rated. The fibreglass elements use a range of fire retardant​ resin and gelcoats, these meet Class O surface flame spread of Building Regulations. We also offer options for mains powered smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to give you complete protection.

Built to Last in the Harshest Environments

The seamless Passivehaus fibreglass design is completely watertight. Our buildings are flood-resistant, and will withstand extreme events like hurricanes and earthquakes. It will even last in the harsh salt air of the UK coast!

Expected Lifespan of Over 100 Years

Because of the extremely durable nature of the materials, and our unique robust construction system, our park homes are expected to last at least 100 years. This makes your Eastern Eco Homes Granny Annexe a viable long term investment.

10 Year Warranty

For peace of mind we give a 10 year warranty on all our buildings. This is an insured structural warranty from Platinum Seal in conjunction with Park Home Assist.

Long Term Investment


There is no VAT to pay on our granny annexes. Unlink a traditionally built conversion or extension, our annexes don’t attract any VAT.

Long Life

The exceptionally long life span expected with our build system means our annexes retain their value. What’s more, with the durable nature of the construction materials and finishes you won’t have to spend much to keep it looking great.

A Realisable Asset

Unlike a traditionally built granny annexe, our system is relocatable and transportable. If no longer required the retained value of the annexe isn’t tied to your home.

Mobile home Render
Mobile Home Brickwork Finish
Mobile Home Brickwork Finish
Mobile Home Brickwork Finish
Mobile Home Brickwork Finish

Your Home, Your Choice

With Eastern Eco Homes you are not limited to our inhouse designs.  Choose from a wide range of internal and external finishes, or request a bespoke finish if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Park Home Floor Plans

Floor Plans

We have a range of standard floorplan designs to choose from, or call our design team to discuss a bespoke layout for your annexe.

Park Home Finishes


There is something to suit most tastes in our extensive range of internal and external finishes, or request a bespoke finish to really make it your own.

Park Home Features

Integrated Features

Pick from our range of integrated accessibility features. If you have any special requirements not covered here please call us to discuss what we can do.

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