Eastern Eco Homes

Accessibility Features

Integrated Accessibility Features

A range of accessible housing options to assist independent living for elderly or disabled homeowners.

Our park homes offer a range of optional accessibility features and that can be integrated into the property during the build phase. This includes changes to the fabric of the building, like wider walkways and doorways to allow easy wheelchair access. Our park homes are unique in that they are installed at ground level, eliminating the need for a ramp or stairs at the entrance. This combined with other safety and accessible housing features will enable the highest level of independent living for most elderly or disabled owners. 

List of Accessibility Options

Hand Rails

Handrails can be installed at the entrance, in the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you might find you need them. Talk to our design team about your specific needs.

Alarm System

Our park homes are built to a much higher fire safety standard than the industry norm. We also offer options for a built-in mains powered fire alarm and automated sprinkler system.

Wheelchair Access

We design your park home with wider doorways and corridors, and suitable floor surfaces, to make it as easy as possible to manoeuvre a wheelchair through the building.

Accessible Kitchens & Bathrooms

Choose a kitchen system that works for you, and select from a range of bathroom features, including wheelchair accessible showers, height-adjustable basins, and disabled toilets.