Eastern Eco Homes

Unique GRP Composite Construction System

Our innovative GRP Composite C-SIP system

Developed over 30 years of product development, testing and analysis of all aspects of a build system. All structural elements, including the floor, external walls, internal walls, ceilings and roof are produced from moulds using the same composite structural insulated panel (C-SIP) methodology.

Each wall element is a closed panel construct, seamlessly produced from moulds up to 12 metres in length, and fully structural. Each element is produced from its own mould creating its own internal finish and in production, each element is fully insulated with Rockwool for high levels of both thermal and acoustic insulation. All service provisions are installed within the fabric of each relevant element.

Each element has integral window moulded apertures and door reveals and rebates which are seamlessly moulded into relevant wall elements. Roofs have integral soffits, fascias, gables and verges seamlessly moulded in. External walls are completely fabricated with relevant external finish and roofs seamlessly constructed with chosen tiles prior to panel assembly.

Eco Building GRP
All elements are bonded to their adjacent element and no mechanical fixings are used. All the elements wall to floor, wall to wall, ceiling to walls and the roof to walls are bonded together to form a self-supporting build structure, in effect a monocoque structure.

Helical screw piles provide support for the building, no additional foundations are required.

Provision of services to the property and final module installation completes the short time spent on-site with 95% of the build being completed in the factory

Our Park Home Build Process

Step One: Design & Specification

A full set of detailed specifications are drawn up by us, to include all relevant details and options prior to construction. Alterations are not feasible after this point.

Step Two: Construction

All C-SIP elements are manufactured and assembled at our factory, to the design specified above.

Step Three: Installation

We deliver the building to the site and install Helical Piles to support the building.

GRP Composite Construction

Built with Composite GRP

Resin gelcoats and glass fibre matting is used to produce lightweight, strong, and highly durable structures. In conjunction with the glass fibre elements, we use MGS04 A1 fire-rated structural boards and natural coloured aggregates to provide external finishes.

Strong Lightweight Seamless Construction

We use GRP to produce seamless join free moulded C-SIP panels up to 12 meters long, creating a lightweight, strong, durable construction with excellent longevity.

Triple Sandwich panels in a Monocoque Construction

Our unique and innovative construction system or triple sandwich panels is used to manufacture the strongest structures. An inner skin and outer skin of GRP/MGS04 board sandwich are bonded together on either side of an array or GRP box beams to form the triple sandwich construction, giving unrivalled strength and free of racking. All panels bond together to form a monocoque structure. Nothing is built stronger and each “wall” element has integral windows.