Eastern Eco Homes

Energy Efficient Affordable Homes

Energy Efficient

Our construction system uses a Passivehaus design with optional underfloor heating, maintaining a constant temperature with minimal heating or cooling required.

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Designed for Living

Our designs include a wide choice of internal and external finishes, with optional additional features integrated into the structure.

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Built to Last

Our unique construction system is engineered to a standard suitable for 4 story construction. Finished buildings are expected to last 100+ years with minimal maintenance, and will withstand extreme weather events.

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Energy Efficient Eco Homes

Low Fuel Bills with Passivhaus Standard of Insulation

Built to the Gold Standard in energy efficiency. Our houses will maintain an almost constant temperature, requiring very little supplementary  heating or cooling.

Optional Underfloor Heating

Add underfloor heating for a low maintenance and energy efficient complement to the Passivhaus design.

Affordable Homes Designed for Living In

Wide Choice of Internal and External Finishes

Our GRP system can be finished to look like almost any existing building material. Choose from our standard range or request your own custom internal or external finish.

Integrated Accessibility Features

Our affordable homes can be built with a range of accessibility features integrated into the structure. These include wider corridors and doorways, wheelchair friendly floors, rails, and accessible bathrooms.

Low Noise

Our construction system includes a high level of acoustic insulation, ensuring a quiet home regardless of location.

Built to Last

Low Maintenance and Long Life Span

Our tough GRP composite modular design gives our buildings a long 100+ life span with minimal maintenance. There are no perishable materials like timber in our buildings, so there is nothing to degrade or fail. Finishes are completed at the time of manufacture, and will never require painting.

Fire Safety

We use a range of fireproof and fire-resistant materials in our construction system, giving our buildings a high fire safety rating. The triple-layered panel build uses a combination of non-combustible and Euroclass A1 fire rated rockwool insulation and MgSo4 fireproof board. The GRP elements are constructed using fire retardant​ resin and gelcoats, these meet Class O surface flame spread of Building Regulations. We also offer options for mains powered smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

Built to Survive in Even the Most Extreme Environments

The seamless fibreglass construction system used to achieve the Passivehaus standard is completely watertight. Our buildings are flood-resistant, and can withstand all extreme weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even the salt air of the UK coast!

Your Home, Your Choice

With Eastern Eco Homes you are not limited to our inhouse designs.  Choose from a wide range of internal and external finishes, or request a bespoke finish if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Floor Plans

We have a range of standard floor plan designs to choose from, or call our team to discuss a bespoke layout.


We offer an extensive range of internal and external finishes, or request a bespoke finish from our design team.

Integrated Features

Choose from our range of integrated accessibility features or request a meeting to discuss any special requirements.

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