Eastern Eco Homes were formed in 2017 after a small team spent 30 years developing a Build System.

Research showed that building houses required modernisation. A resin-based system of GRP composite was chosen to replace a water base system, in a fundamental change to the construction of housing. GRP Composite is a permanent method of construction as it retains its structure over time. Water is used in traditional builds for mixing concrete, cement mortars and plaster. The water evaporates over time leading to shrinkage which can require rectification.

First it has to be manufactured in a factory as the materials require fabrication in a controlled environment. Perfect then for an offsite build. Secondly, the technical properties of GRP Composite enabled a freedom of design concept eliminating many problematic issues associated with current building systems.

A build system was developed using only GRP Composite no timber, steel or concrete was used in the construction of a prototype build erected in 1988. It has been used daily ever since, providing confirmation of its structural integrity, durability and longevity. This was a necessity born out of the fact GRP Composite was an industry in its infancy, and it needed to be proven, which subsequently it has done most successfully.

GRP Composite has embraced many industries over the last 60 years, from boats and cars to recent advances such as aeroplanes and wind turbines.

Now is the time for a proven build system, Eco Building GRP, to embrace the housing market.