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It has taken 30 years of product development, testing and analysis of all aspects of a build system to bring Eco Building GRP to market.

Welcome to Eastern Eco Homes

Using MMC we produce a closed panel modular build system. Factory built on a flowline system to minimise build cost, maximise productivity and quality control and eliminating weather constraints.

The complete building fabric with all specified components installed is ready for site completion. For sites with difficult access or on route restrictions we dry fit, then dismantle and transport all sections to be re assembled on site. A flexible approach to minimise transportation disruption.

At the heart of our Eco Building GRP system is our modern materials of choice, GRP Composite combined with natural aggregates.

Materials which do not degrade, do not rot, rust or corrode and are virtually maintenance free both inside and outside of the house and last a lifetime.

A different approach to building spacious homes whilst retaining the look and feel of traditional “brick and tile” houses.

A fabric first approach to low carbon sustainable homes. Utilising high insulation levels with no thermal bridging and maximum air tightness we produce homes equivalent to level 5 of the code for sustainable homes.
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  • Low Carbon Energy Efficient
  • High Specification and Affordable
  • Seamless Construction
  • Totally Waterproof
  • Maintenance Free